2 Original Heat Packs, one filled with white beeswax and one with yellow. There are photography props around like driftwood, dried flowers, empty silicone packs, and envelope packaging.

Biomimicry: the Heart of our Technology

In almost every aspect of human life, we have no trouble distinguishing between objects that are made by nature, and objects that are made by people. 

It is more difficult to identify why this is so. Manufacturing techniques often produce replicates that are each one identical to the other. Nature often produces unique “snowflakes” that are each one different from the other. Every tree in a forest is an example of this. The grown woody formations take on unique shapes due to the subtle differences in their environments. 

Likewise, our Undu Original Heat Packs are unique because they are grown. We use low energy methods to grow the antler-like patterns in our biocompatible silicone membranes. Then, the membranes are filled with naturally sourced, energy-dense beeswax, so they can provide long lasting heat on the body. 

Caribou photo by: Sandy Brown Jensen, CC BY-SA 2.0 

The branched shapes turn out to be excellent structures for conveying heat. Did you know that caribou antlers are actually “heat windows” for shedding heat from their enormous, hot, fur covered bodies!? That’s right, both male and female caribou use their velvet covered, newly grown antlers in the summer to pump blood through and shed heat. In spring and summer, those antlers are soft, growing, branching, and coursing with hot energy dense blood (yikes!). In fall and winter, they lose their velvet, harden to bone, and eventually fall off (double yikes!). To my eye, our packets are shaped like those soft growing antlers, and countless other natural objects that are used in one way or another for transporting heat, fluids, nutrients, to and from their surfaces.

Working with low energy techniques, growing naturalistic structures, and filling them with naturally sourced materials, makes our packets unique. Not just packet to packet. Our Ontario-made process and product is unique in manufacturing, globally.  

You are about to experience a fundamentally new kind of product. One that may change our assumptions around how we make things locally, naturally. One that provides non-invasive natural relief of menstrual pain. We are proud to be a leader in using the biomimetic powers of nature to make a sustainable, ethical product, to let you do you, pain relieved. 





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