Period pain, reimagined.

You already know the power of heat when it comes to period + pelvic pain relief. Now imagine that feeling, wherever you go. 

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Your own damn beeswax.

We've harnessed the power of beeswax to capture the energy of a hot water bottle in a heat pack that disappears under your clothes. 

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Natural, wearable + reusable.

Pain can be complicated, but our philosophy is not. We make products that are good for you, and the planet. Our goal? To let you do you [whatever that looks like] .

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360° of wearable heat.

Need 360° degrees of heat? We've got you covered! Front and back. Our unduwear holds the heat where you need it most for a game changing experience.

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How To Use:

Q + A

How do you heat the Original Heat Pack?

You can heat the Original Heat Pack in the oven, with boiling water or the microwave!

You know it's ready to use when the beeswax turns to liquid and it's not too hot to comfortably touch.

Do you ship outside of Canada?

For now we only ship within Canada. 

Tell us where you're shopping from [ so we can deliver to you next ] by joining our international waitlist!

How long does the heat last for?

This depends a little on how well the inside of the heat pack is melted!

Fully melted and worn against the body, the heat pack typically holds heat for over 30 minutes.

Where are your products made?

We’re proud to be 100% made in Canada! 

We make our heat packs by hand, ourselves, in Toronto, ON.

Our underwear is manufactured in Hamilton, ON. 

What materials do you use?

Our heat packs are made with beeswax and medical grade silicone. 

Our underwear is made with a super soft renewable bamboo, spandex, cotton blend. 

Our packaging is 100% reusable or recyclable. 

What's with the weird shape?

We make our beeswax heat packs using novel injection molding technology created by our co-founded Charlie! 

You might have noticed that the shape of our heat packs resemble other shapes you see in nature like corals, plant branches, and lungs.

Like other natural things, no two heat packs we make are exactly alike! That’s because the unique branching shape of our heat pack is the result of growing injected air bubbles, akin to growth in biology.

We’re still working to understand why this shape is optimal for energy transfer, but right now we’re happy with the super soft and squishy, seamless heat packs it makes out silicone + beeswax! 

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  • "From the first use, I'm obsessed."

    "I suffer from endometriosis and this is the perfect discrete way of calming either lower back or front cramping..."

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  • "So much more than period pain!"

    "I truly believe EVERYONE should know about this product! So comfy, so soothing, so necessary!! I’m really obsessed 🤎🤎🤎"

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  • "A game changer..."

    The underwear so SO comfy and with pockets on the front and back, it's a total game changer!

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