The Original Heat Pack


Don't let period pain get the best of you! Introducing the world's first reusable beeswax heat pack, specifically designed for menstrual pain. 

You’ll love that it's: 

  • incredibly soft
  • discreet enough to wear under clothes
  • provides 25-30 min of heat
  • fits perfectly on lower abdomen + back 

The Original Heat Pack can be worn on its own or with the Keep it Brief!  Use it wherever you go, all you need is boiling water. 

Made to order in Ontario.  Free shipping in Canada on orders over $100. 

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I had been struggling with cramps for a while without pulling the trigger on ordering my heat pack, and now that I have it I will never go back. It is like a warm hug for your uterus on the days you need it most. I absolutely love it!

Canada Canada

A Lifesaver.

I haven't gone a single period without using my heat pack and I'm so grateful for it! It's extremely user-friendly, easy to heat up, and brings so much comfort. Not to mention, it's really easy to hide and isn't bulky at all! I've recommended this to tons of friends and will continue to stand by this product. If you experience really painful cramps or PMS (or experience any other tummy/lower back pain, really) YOU NEED THIS!

Jenn M.
Canada Canada

Amazing - how does this not already exist!?

I received the heat pack as a gift and at first I thought I wouldn't use it because my periods aren't super painful, but after I used it once I got HOOKED and I literally use it all the time. I use it on day 1 of my period but also on random days when I'm not - if my back hurts or I'm stressed, I just throw it in the microwave and put it under my pants! I also walk with it when it's cold in the morning just for some extra warmth. Can't recommend it enough!

Lauren H.
Canada Canada

Thank Goodness for UNDU!

I was cautiously optimistic that Undu could deliver and compete with what has come to be some fairly debilitating period pain. It continues to exceeded any expectations I had! I’m not someone who wears leggings and thought I would only be able to use it at home on the couch. I was so pleasantly surprised that I could just tuck it into some pretty stiff jeans and go about my day! I am so great full to have something that can go with me and gives enough relief to get on with my day. Added bonus for keeping we warm on colder days!

Canada Canada

Perfect for your Endometriosis / Adenomyosis Toolkit!

I suffer from endometriosis and heat is my best friend when dealing with painful cramping. The Original Heat pack is the perfect companion for my endo toolkit as it holds heat for 35-40 minutes and is thin / discrete when compared to my traditional bulky hot water bottle. What's great about this product is that I can easily roll it and bring it with my anywhere - even to backcountry campgrounds! I highly recommend this product if you suffer from endometriosis / adenomyosis because it's allowed me to bring heat with me wherever I go - making me feel more confident about dealing with painful flare-ups while out doing the things that I love.