Where are your products made? 

We are proud to be fully made in Ontario!

The Original Heat Pack is made to order (by our co-founder Charlie) in our workshop in Haliburton. Our underwear is made by our manufacturing partner in Hamilton. 

How do I use The Original Heat Pack? 

Heating it: The Original Heat Pack is heated using boiling water. Warm it up by melting the beeswax infill on the stove, or the same way you'd make a cut of tea: in the microwave, or with boiling water. (More microwave options coming soon!)

Wearing it: The Original Heat Pack can be worn on its own, or with the Keep It Brief

Storing it: When you’re finished with the Original Heat Pack, roll it up while it’s still soft and place it in the cloth bag provided. This will remove Step 1 next time you use it. 

How long does the heat last? 

After each melt The Original Heat Pack provides heat for 25-30 minutes (but stays warm to the touch longer). Reheat quickly for relief that helps you all day. 

What size underwear am I? 

We're committed to offering non-straight sizing! For this reason, we’ve decide to move away from traditional naming conventions like SM/M/L. 

Choose the correct dimension for you by matching your size selection, to your waist dimensions! If you have a 24”-25” waist, select size 24-25. See the chart below:


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What about returns? 

If you're not happy with your order, we'll fix it! Email us at: hello@unduwearables.com

Do you sell outside of Canada? 

Not yet!  Right now we are made entirely in Ontario and for sale exclusively in Canada.

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How long until my order ships? 

Our heat packs are made to order (by Charlie) in our Haliburton workshop. Please expect some delay before your order ships! 

All new orders (starting Nov. 18th) will be shipped by Dec. 18th so you can have them on time for Christmas. 


We're proud to offer free shipping in Canada, for orders over $100!