We’re a femtech company based in Ontario, Canada.

For all who menstruate, we're creating wearable relief so you can do you! Our solutions are good for the body and the earth. 
We are Robin, Charlie, and Katherine -- a  small team with big ideas! We believe in learning from nature, leveraging technology, and creating non-invasive products for historically underserved communities.

All people deserve to be comfortable at every age and stage of life. 

With our patented technology and participatory design practices, we pride ourselves in prioritizing our relationships to the environment and the communities we hope to serve.

Our never-ending gratitude to those who have responded to our surveys, allowed us to interview them, or participated in our product testing! We truly couldn’t do this without you. 

It’s time for a new way to manage menstrual pain. 

xx team undu. 

P.S. There are other problems we’re working to undu!